PVC High Cut G-String

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PVC High Cut G-String

G-string with super high leg style and minimal fabric area. The strap that fastens at a high point around the hipbone is also highly elastic, and silicone tape is sewn into the inside of the strap to prevent it from slipping off.
Made of PVC fabric with higher elasticity and gloss carefully selected by alictek. Available in one size, and the strap has excellent elasticity to fit your lower body.

Polyurethane 50%
Polyester 45%
Spandex 5%

Approximate size (cm)

  One Size
1.Waist (Around the hipbone) n - n


PVC Care Guide

We recommend cleaning at the dry cleaner's.

[Washing at home]

Color may fade. Do not wash with light colored items.
We recommend hand washing with a gentle detergent instead of using a washing machine.

[When drying]

Please dry with the outer fabric (right side) facing out.
Due to the characteristics of the fabric, if the outer fabrics adhere to each other, detergent or water residue may remain.